Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Learning to Walk!

Morgan learned to walk about a week before her 1st birthday.  Here are some fun videos of her first week walking:

Also, some quick notes on her 1 year check up:
She only weighs about 18 lbs- 17% but is a little above average in height.  She is starting to say some words like ball, mama, dada, no, uh-oh.  She is still not sleeping through the night- better, but still getting up a few times.  She finally decided to take bottles every now and then and randomly decided to take a pacifier a few weeks after her birthday.  We tried to switch her to whole milk and she threw that up and got horrible diarrhea (not much of a surprise there with all her tummy troubles and family genes), so we had to switch her to soy formula for a while to make sure she was getting enough fat/vitamins, etc.  Around 16 months we were able to switch her over to lactaid (lactose free whole milk) that she thankfully didn't have any bad reactions to! She loves her brothers, smiles and laughs a lot more, loves animals, and is super clingy to mom when other people get too close. She has the biggest blue eyes and the sweetest little voice and we just love her to pieces, drama and all.

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Shalene said...

She is growing up so fast!