Monday, January 20, 2014

Cinderella Party

Saturday we had a Cinderella party to celebrate the little miss and be together with friends.  The Millers were kind enough to lend us their yard and it was a beautiful sunny day.  Morgan loves watching Cinderella- its about the only movie she sits still for at this point for at least part of it.  Her favorite is when Cinderella sings, and her brothers love pretending to be gus gus and jack jack.  So of course we had to have that as the party theme! My mom made her the most adorable blue tutu for her cinderella outfit and we got in some great pictures, despite the sun trying to ruin them.

 We did lots of bubbles for the party because she loves them and she was in heaven!

I love those blue eyes!!

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Britt and Josh said...

I love those baby blue eyes too!! Oh man she is seriously gorgeous. Missing her and you guys sooooo much. March can't come soon enough!