Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Halloween 2013

We had a fun October! Baron got to go to the firestation with his preschool class and then to the pumpkin patch where they got to enjoy a hay ride out to pick pumpkins, slides and a corn maze!

Halloween Costumes!

 Our little ballerina LOVED Halloween.... carried her bucket up to each door all by herself and said "Thank you!" each time.  And of course ate as much as she could right away and had a major breakdown later that night.
 Captain America and Optimus Prime

 Ward Trunk or Treat

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fall Soccer 2013

We signed Jackson up to play with the Glide Rec soccer team, but since he was the only first grader signed up they had him combine with the 2nd graders and I'm so glad he got to play with them! It was a really fun team and Jackson definitely plays on their level and was still one of the taller kids. It was a great season! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Day of School 2013

The first few weeks of school were a little hectic- we didn't close on our house until just a few days before school started.  On top of that, there was lots of work to be done before we could move in, so we lived out of the Illahee Inn for about 3 weeks, hence the #4 No Smoking door in Jackson's first day of school picture.  

I was a little nervous about Jackson having to switch schools this year with the move, but it turned out to be an amazing year for him... Glide Schools are the best! He loved loved loved his teacher and made tons of friends right away.  

1st Grade!!

Baron was lucky this year and got to go to preschool/joy school out in Glide with Miss Kathleen.  He absolutely LOVED it, mainly because of all the new friends he made.  It was so so good for him and he had a blast!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hiking in Yosemite

While we were there we took a day to hike right outside of Yosemite.  We didn't venture far into the park since the kids (especially Mo) would never have appreciated all the driving- when they're older we'll do more of that!

 Grammie and Papa with their grandkids

Bass Lake 2013

Every few years my Grandparents (my dad's parents) take whomever can go to Bass Lake, which is right outside of Yosemite.  It is a gorgeous, warm lake and always a blast! We were able to make it this last summer and the boys had a blast spending lots of time in the water and playing with cousins.  Be prepared for a billion pictures!!  I need to get them on here for my blog book!

 Some of the crew including the Silver Baron himself

 Colby likes to entertain the kids back on the boat

 Miss Mo was not a fan of having to wear a life jacket

 Even Grandpa gets out there!!
 Embarrassing our boys :)

 Eloise... cutest ever
Uncle Brandon was awesome and took almost all the kids wake surfing with him!

 Grammie and her gang

 I was so so proud of Jackson! He really wanted to try wake surfing all by himself....
 and after a few tries he got up!!  He was SO excited!
 Being on the water makes me happy!!