Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spring Break in California!!

We had an amazing spring break with my family down in SoCal this year.  We missed my brother and his family sadly, but were able to enjoy lots of sunshine, beach, swimming and all the family we could see down there! My boys cried most of the way home because they didn't want to leave.

They both love the ocean and dive right in!
Grammie is the best!
Truman- Cutest baby ever

Aunt Brittany showed them the ropes at the tidepools

One happy boy!
Mo wasn't so sure about the sand at first, but by the end of the first day she was finally playing in it!

Irvine Park Zoo with cousins and Grandpa and Grandma Billings!

Always love the peacocks running around the park!

Morgan LOVED feeding and petting all the goats and sheep! She is such an animal fanatic. So not my child!

Brushing the goats fur. Deacon was way into it!

Train ride!
We also spent quite a bit of time swimming in my sister Shannon's awesome pool! Jackson even mastered his back flip off the waterfall.  SO MUCH FUN!

Jackson learning from the master (aka the favorite Uncle Colby)
Love these two!!

Is there anything better than a sunny day at the beach?!?!
While down there we also got to go to the Newport Beach Temple, have a surprise baby shower for my sister and I, eat lots of great CA food we love and spend lots of time with lots of family.  Just the way we like it.  We always party hard when we are down there!!

December- Christmas Tree Hunt, Baron turns 5, Christmas!

December was another exciting month! After Thanksgiving we did our traditional Christmas tree hunt and went and chopped down a beautiful tree for cheap (love Oregon!)  Then the week of Baron's 5th birthday it snowed a ton and stayed for a whole week! School was cancelled for a few days, the boys and I built a snowman, had lots of snowball fights and we went sledding on the hill by grandma and grandpas. On Christmas Eve we announced to our families that we were expecting #4 after I had a healthy looking ultrasound the day before.  I was already getting really really sick.  Oh and a few days before that we drove over to Bend and bought a puppy! Her name is Rizzy- she is a plot/hound mix with a beautiful brindle fur and has lots of energy!  Christmas this year was our very first year staying at home (first year we had our own home and not managing apartments!) and it was really nice to have a non chaotic quiet morning together! For dinner we went over to the Grahams and enjoyed a nice meal with them and presents as well. That's the short version! Trying to catch up quickly over the past year...

Not pictures- new trampoline Santa also brought!!

After December we don't have many pictures until our CA trip- those months were some hard months for me.  I was extremely sick- throwing up all day long and struggled to stay hydrated.  I also had to be on partial rest due to some placenta issues all the way up until about May.  It has been a really long and difficult pregnancy, and definitely our last.  In March we found out that It's a Girl!! I've felt for a while that it was going to be a girl, but it was fun to have it confirmed!