Friday, November 23, 2012

First Soccer Team

This Fall I officially became a soccer mom!  Jackson's had his first real soccer season.  He's done a few of the classes at the local parks and rec department previously, but since he is now school-age, we decided to sign him up for the real deal!  It was a short (due to a few rained out games) but fun season! Jackson has always been a sports guy, just like his mom and dad, so he was in heaven.  He gets so into the games and absolutely loves every minute.  We think he is going to be a good goalie or defensive player.  He had some pretty sweet goal blocks and played some intense defense the whole season long.  He will be the perfect goalie with his big, but fast hands and height.  We are looking foward to the next season already!

 Jackson was #8, just like his Uncle Colby.  His team was the Aloha Dragons.

Jackson and his buddy Brayden

The cheer squad on the sidelines:

Baron and his buddy Asher

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