Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jackson turns 6!!!

Way back on November 19 (I am playing catch up) Jackson turned 6!  I can't believe our Action Jackson is 6!!  That kid grows like crazy though, so he definitely looks it!  He is the tallest one in his class (both school and primary) and is smart as a whip.  Love this kid so so much.  He is an amazing big brother and a stickler on following the rules.  His only struggle is his tendency to talk back every now and then because sometimes he thinks he's 16 instead of 6.  Classic oldest child.

In October we finally had some free time and free space while in Glide to teach him to ride his bike without training wheels (we unfortunately don't have a lot of places to ride his back right outside our home right now).  I've been dying to teach him for a while, but it has been SO SO crazy with Morgan and everything else going on.  So, while in Glide we took off the training wheels and within a few trys he was riding no problem.  He picked it up so fast, it was amazing! By the end of the weekend we were able to go on a big bike ride with him around Glide.  I am so proud of him!

For his birthday, I took him and some of his best buddies to Pump It Up that day after school and then we went with The Jensens to Red Robin to celebrate together!  He had a very fun day and was smiling from ear to ear.

The wind tunnel
He requested Spider man cupcakes.... this is what I came up with on limited time and limited free hands.  He loved them, and thought they were so cool, so I lucked out on that one! Good thing kids are easy to please!!

The weekend before we took him to Chuck-e-Cheese, as requested.  He's been wanting to go for a long time.  It was our first time.  John and I are not a fan of that place, but a las, we caved for his special day and it was actually pretty fun and not too crowded when we went.

Birthday masks from Grandma

Just a few thoughts on Jackson at 6 years old:

He is one of the sweetest kids you'll ever meet.  When he gets in trouble, he almost always writes me an "I'm sorry mom" note and draws a picture and leaves it on my pillow.  He also cleans my room for me as a surprise all the time and leaves hearts all over.  He is just always so kind.

He is an amazingly patient friend.  He has always had this gift of accepted others, differences and all.  He will make friends with the kid that is a bully or the kid with special needs or whatever.  Nothing bothers him about other kids.  He honestly just wants to play and be friends with everyone.  It is a true gift and makes a mama proud.  He gets notes sent home all the time for play dates and birthday invitations.

He is on fire with reading right now.  It took him a while to get into reading, but now that it's caught on with him he cannot stop.  He wants to read everything.  Every sign, book, symbol, movie title, etc.  We got him the BOB books a while ago and he has already read them all and moved on past them to reading Dr. Seuss style books.  He also loves being able to read his own versus (with a little help, obviously) when we read scriptures as a family instead of just repeating after us.  It has been fun!

He LOVES learning spanish in his twin immersion program.  He can count to 59 in Spanish, knows a few songs in spanish, tons of words and even speaks with a spanish accent! He corrects us when we say a word without the right accent.  It is awesome!

He is a total math/numbers guy, just like his daddy.  He does 1st and 2nd grade math books that his teacher sent home for him and does them well!

He love, love, loves sports.  Just this past week he got to go to his first professional basketball game to watch the Blazers play with John and his best buddy, Jack and Jack's dad, Tom.  He thought it was the coolest thing he's ever done.  His dream is to play a sport in the Olympics, except he can't decide between basketball, running, swimming and biking, so he said he's going to do them all :).

Love watching this kid learn and grow more and more everyday!!

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